Sport clubs in Utrecht area, the Netherlands

​The Dutch are known for being a very active nation. ​There are a few sports that are very popular in the Netherlands​ including field hockey, soccer, tennis​, road running and going to the gym.



Kampong ​is a sports club where ​you could play soccer, cricket, hockey, squash, tennis and Jeu de Boules. Kampong is a big ​sporting community that is based near the city Utrecht. 


Netball in the Netherlands is played by a group of expats from Commonwealth Nations and their goal is to spread the word and love of netball in the Netherlands. They provide a fun and quality level of competition for all those involved in this sport and they are an inclusive club of players from all levels.


If you are looking for a rugby club in the Netherlands, you can visit this website and enter the city of your choice. Here you will see the clubs that are either in or close to your location. 

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