Residence permit

Receiving your Dutch Residency Permit / Verblijfsvergunning (VVR) from IND

If you are a South African expat who wants to live and work in the Netherlands you'll need a residence permit.

Residence permit as a knowledge migrant

If you have a company sponsoring you as a knowledge migrant, then you will need to collect your  Residence Permit (In Dutch: Verblijfsvergunning of Verblijfstitel or further referred to as VVR) upon your arrival in the Netherlands. Prior to this, your company should have assisted you with the MVV which is the temporary visa that you use to enter into the country. 

Where to go?

An appointment is necessary and the place can vary, it's either the expat centre in Amsterdam or Utrecht but they can also send you to one of the IND offices.


How long does it take?

It takes up to 3 weeks from your arrival in the Netherlands for your company to receive notification that you can pick up your VVR.  The VVR is in the form of a card. 

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