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When I started working in the Netherlands

Fixx iT is proud to announce that we have a new employee; Jean Mouton. Anne-Romée Gales had a brief interview after his arrival to get to know him a bit better. She asked Jean to introduce himself and to also tell us more about his experiences in the Netherlands so far. Please meet Jean! 

Please introduce yourself

My name is Jean Mouton, I am 28 years old and I grew up and lived in Johannesburg all my life. I completed my BSc in Information Technology and also got my Masters at the University of Johannesburg. At the start of February 2018 I also did a Java certification. In South Africa I worked at BBD one of the largest custom software development companies. In the past few years I have worked as a mobile developer. Besides the developing iOS apps in Objective-C and Swift, I also did some Java development for Android and a little bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Cordova apps. I am a really hard worker and with a determined attitude to find solutions. Besides that I am very positive in the office. If I had to describe myself in five words I would describe myself as inquisitive, initiative-taker, team-player, determined and creative.

Why I choose for Fixx iT

Jean was looking for a job around September 2017, and his wife always talked about travelling and visiting the Netherlands. A friend of Jean was recruited via LinkedIn and he asked if he could also send his CV to the recruitment of Fixx iT. After sending his CV, he got a skype appointment with Maruschka. A few weeks later after the skype appointment he met with Maruschka, Sonja and Ronald in South Africa. He chose Fixx iT because of the variety of clients they have.

Fixx iT was there for me from the beginning. They assisted me with all the arrangements that I needed in order to move to the Netherlands and work there. Besides the working VISA arrangements they also helped me with the TB tests required for South African citizens and sorted out transportation by providing a car. Once I arrived at the Netherlands, my wife and I to be picked from the airport. Sofar everything has gone smoothly.

In 5 years I would love to

I want to develop myself into a tech lead role and I definitely want to speak Dutch fluently. The move to Fixx iT will give me the possibility to explore new environments and to expand my software development skills. I recently completed my Java certification as the first part of achieving this goal. I hope Fixx iT will give me the opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience that are required to achieve this goal.  

Moving from South Africa to the Netherlands

The reason that I chose to move to the Netherlands is because my wife and I spoke about travelling the Netherlands. Fixx iT gave me the opportunity to live and travel in the Netherlands while doing the things I love on the working side of things. Once I arrived in the Netherlands, I had some trouble with figuring out what is considered cheap and what is expensive. Especially when we started looking at buying bicycles and doing grocery shopping. Getting used to driving in the Netherlands was also challenging because they drive on the opposite side of the road, especially when crossing bicycle tracks. It will also take some time to get use to the Dutch language because of the dialects, but that gets better every day.


Anne-Romée Gales

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