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My first recruitment drive

October was a very special month for me because it was my first Recruitment Drive to South Africa!  And honestly….. who doesn’t want to go to such a beautiful country for work! 

From Schiphol to Cape Town

The journey started at Schiphol Airport on Friday, October  6, 2017.  Together with my colleagues Maruschka and Ronald ánd KLM, our trip to South Africa started. First, we flew to Cape Town and later that week to Johannesburg.

I really did not look forward to the long journey, but it wasn’t that bad at all and we were able to enjoy ourselves.  This was also because we were lucky to have approx 2 meters extra leg space  ;-) Lucky us!

Welcome in South Africa

Saturday and Sunday we relaxed and made the famous tourist trips around Cape Town. Magnificent! Table Mountain that popped up again and again, the beautiful rugged coastline, the fantastic nature, the great text signs, the vineyards, the delicious food and of course the penguins that come so close that you can pet them. In one word we had a great weekend, in which we were able to see a lot. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that great (it looked a bit like what we are used to here in the Netherlands  in October.. ;-)

As I work with a lot of people from South Africa, I made a certain image of the country and the people.  I thought of a lot of poverty, a lot of crime, remember: when the traffic light turns red at night you should driving (unless it’s a busy intersection), snakes, spiders, don’t go on the streets at night and more of this kind of advice, etc. etc. 

But then, I found myself in South Africa and I saw a beautiful road network and many friendly people, beautiful houses. And yes,  I also saw huge ghetto's with only very small poor dilapidated huts that seem to be stuck together and where I could actually see the poverty everyone was talking about. The same people also begged by the car when you are waiting in a traffic light in the suburbs. It was terrible to see the immense contrast between rich and poor. And then I also immediately understood all the stories of my colleagues who left South Africa. Their stories and their fear of raising your child in a criminal world, because it is not well distributed. Fiercely!

We love South Africans!

The Guesthouse in Cape Town was not that good, but we spoke with really nice and good candidates!

Senior C # Developers who want to come to the Netherlands with their family to give their lives a new swing. Amazing, right! And super that they want to do that together with Fixx iT!


Sonja Poortman

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