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My Atlassian Summit Experience

During the first week of May 2017, I was privileged enough to represent Fixx iT as a new partner of Atlassian at the annual Atlassian Summit in Barcelona. In the past, the Atlassian Summits were all hosted in America and this was the first one to be hosted in Europe. The conference is focused on making every single user, client or partner to connect with the Atlassian-family, be inspired by strong leaders and innovators and basically just to HAVE FUN! This week was an eye-opening and inspiring week not only for me on a professional level, but also on a personal level.

Main focus of the summit

The program for the week was jam packed with various events. During this week, I attended a number of training and discussion sessions.  One of my favourite sessions was a round table discussion about Diversity in Tech. It was an open discussion about various forms of diversity and challenges faced by everyday people and how to overcome this in your company by incorporating inclusiveness and practice it at work. Other sessions focused on teamwork, how Atlassian tools can help great people to achieve best practices, how to improve team cultures, meeting tips, the Partner Day Keynote and account-based marketing sessions. The majority of sessions included demonstrations to show how to integrate Atlassian tools into your business to assist with all of these topics.

Typical Atlassian features

Furthermore, there were sessions such as AtlasCamp specifically for developers to enhance their skills, a lot of product training session and hand-on classes, ShipIt Live, which is a 24-hour live hackathon, Partner Day where the focus was on developing relationships between Atlassian and their partners, marketplace vendors and finally, the notorious Atlassian Bash. The Atlassian Bash is a party hosted by Atlassian with bottomless drinks, the biggest foosball table I’ve ever seen in my life (about 20 people playing at the same time, no jokes), live Spanish-guitar performances and DJ Kanban managing his playlist on a JIRA board for all to see! We could see which songs were cued in the to-do column, in-progress and done playing.

With the added benefit of ticking Barcelona off my list of “must see cities”, these points summarise the most important take aways for me from this week:

The people that I got to meet. Not only Atlassian employees and other Dutch partners, but also men and woman from all areas of the IT industry from all over the world. We were all there with the same purpose. To learn, connect and have fun. My most interesting interactions were with a brilliant young Spanish lady who works for the International Ski Federation. And as always, there were some South Africans who hunted me down after my clear accent got their attention when I asked a question in front of a group of about 300 people.The importance of well thought through and genuine company values. This is the epicenter of a business success. To see how Atlassian does it, check out The Atlassian Team Playbook. How we can make this new business unit work. More clarity on the type of people that we need for this new business unit as well as ideas to get our Atlassian partnership on the map in terms of business plan and marketing ideas.It is an investment. That this opportunity to be and become the best Atlassian partner is an investment into our people, education and business strategy. Thus time and money.Be a problem solver. Fixx iT needs to position and prove itself to be business problem solutions providers. We can’t build this business on just reselling software alone. Consulting with clients to help them solve their problems by putting processes and products in place to create a happy, productive and sufficient environment for not only IT and Development teams, but also for Business teams with tools such as Trello and JIRA Core, Confluence and HipChat.

Where are we now and what is the next step?

In order to be officially recognized as a Atlassian Silver Solutions Partner, Fixx iT needs to have completed the on-boarding process and get 1 Atlassian Sales Professional Accreditation and 1 Technical Sales Accreditation which includes two certifications.

The on-boarding has been completed.1 Atlassian Sales Professional Accreditation has been achieved.Before 30 June I will be writing the 2 certifications exams and completing the Technical Sales Accreditation.

On the business side

On the business side, I am in process of talking to my Fixx iT colleagues to set up a team of enthusiastic Atlassian product lovers who will eventually be part of our Atlassian consulting team. The professionals that we need on board are for example Agile and DevOps experts/consultants, configuration and ddministration professionals, training professionals (eventually) and others. Furthermore, we need to finalise our business plan and identify the clients and markets that we are going to hit.

I am utterly convinced that with the skilled and dedicated people that we already have on board at Fixx iT that we are going to enter this market WITH A BANG and become one of the best and most successful Atlassian partners in the Netherlands!


Tanya Fouché


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