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From Cape Town to Johannesburg

In my previous article I wrote about my first experiences in South Africa. But as with all good things, it came to an end.

From Cape Town to Johannesburg

Whoops, and before we knew it, it was already Tuesday and we were traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg where it was immensely busy. Our first appointment was even scheduled for the same afternoon. Lucky me we had a beautiful Guesthouse! But at the same time, it also comes across as very unreal. The whole area is fenced with electrical wire, at the entrance there were guards and between the houses and restaurants, a golf course has been laid out ... It was clear…This was one of the richer regions in South Africa. Anyway, the coming 3 days: 20 more interviews to go…

We interviewed some awesome developers

It was a great place to interview our new colleagues. We had our own huge living room with a view and terrace!! So nice and beautiful! And what about the candidates ... What a really nice job we do have! And what nice conversations we had with the applicants. As Maruschka had done a very good pre-selection, the number of candidates that Fixx iT wanted to continue with was very high. Well done Maruschka !! In the meantime, all candidates were informed about the final results, the contracts have been sent and in many cases already signed and returned to Fixx iT.

South Africans ready to relocate to the Netherlands

From January onwards we would like to welcome: Marco, Tobie, Francois, Michelle, Gerhard, Edward, Timothy, Jean, Barend, and hopefully some more! We look forward to welcoming you in the Netherlands and hope that we will all make a great success of it !!!


Sonja Poortman

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