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6 reasons to immigrate to the Netherlands from South Africa

There are a lot of reasons to immigrate to the Netherlands from South Africa. Here I'll point out the 6 main reasons to relocate to this beautiful country.

Reason one to immigrate: Safety

Back in South Africa you sleep with one eye open, pay security companies or people to look after your home when you go on holiday and would rather drive 100 meters to a shop than to walk. Here in the Netherlands you can sleep all night and go on holiday without any worries. Although you still need to be aware of your surroundings, you can comfortably walk around the towns and cities without looking over your shoulder.

2. Travelling through the Netherlands and Europe

Here you are within an hour’s drive, train trip or flight from Munich, Paris, Venice, Barcelona or London, you dream it and it can be your next weekend away. Belgium and Germany are neighboring countries to the Netherlands. Driving across the border is as easy as entering another province in South Africa. There are no customs and queues or any runners you need to pay to cross the border. You just keep on going on the freeway and if you lucky you’ll spot a welcome road sign.

The Public Transport in the Netherlands is outstanding

There is a train, bus or tram to any part of the country. It can be overwhelming at first but as soon as you understand how it works then you’ll never want to drive again. The public transport is not only easy to access but it is also reliable, safe and clean. Like any operating environment there is maintenance and activities on the rail and there is even a cellphone app that will let you know about any delays, maintenance, alternative routes and costs.

4. History, art, events, cathedrals, etc.

Europe is extremely rich with historical monuments, art, events, cathedrals, workmanship and towns. Each have a unique story or legend that tells of its origin and how it has evolved. The Netherlands is filled with history that relates to many places in Europe and the world. Here we get the opportunity to learn about the past this gives us hope, excitement and even a glimpse of what the future can hold.

Reason number 5: Dutch People / Dutch Culture

The Dutch enjoy a “groot feest”. They like to celebrate even the small things in life we have learned to take for granted and being amongst them highlights the importance and the beauty of it. For example summer time, you will see the park full of people, having picnics, or playing Harrington, or just spending time with friends. Some parks even hand out free ice lolly’s and have free music shows. Their culture focuses on celebrating the people and making sure no one is forgotten.

Lovely food...

Coming from South Africa we are spoiled with fresh, good meats and produce. Europe does have the reputation for not having the same luxury but you can expect to be pleasantly surprised with what is available in the Netherlands. There are many fresh markets and various options from around the world that can suit everyone and any meal you could want to make. Some of my new favorites that I have discovered in the Netherlands is stroop waffels, new and interesting cheeses, chocolate milk, bitter balls with amazing mayonnaise, Salmon, harrings and the widest range of potatoes that have been cultivated for a specific purpose which ensures that you always have a good French fry. Last but not least I now know what real bier and champagne tastes like and can not image every drinking anything else.



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