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the Netherlands

Hoog Catharijne is the biggest shopping mall in Utrecht and is linked to the main station: Utrecht Centraal. Here you will find most of the major clothing brands and stores e.g. C&A, H&M, Hema, Vera Moda, Etos (over the counter medication, make up and odds and ends), Douglas (similar to an Edgars Red Square with most popular makeup and perfume brands available), Kruidvat (also a bit of everything, just like a Clicks store).

Furthermore, Kringloop Winkels id worth to note – each town will have one and it's a great place to pick up a bargain. These are basically second-hand stores for furniture and odds and ends, so well worth a visit when you are setting up home.

For a rough overview of shops, see the list below.

Home stores


Blokker Holding is a Dutch retail group and active in the Household and Toys sectors, with five store formulas, approximately 1,400 stores and more than 13,000 employees in eight countries. It's basically the Dutch version of Mr Price Home.

Budget Store

A good choice if you want to redesign your living room, bedroom or dining room. Whether it is a new couch, dining table, box spring or a relaxing armchair. Something for every taste and certainly so important: also for everyone's budget! If your town has one of these it is a real plus, especially when buying odds and ends for the kitchen.


Hema – also a relatively big chain store, Hema has a bit of everything: clothing, linen, toiletries, a bakery etc. HEMA is originally a Dutch discount retail chain that started life as a dimestore, owned by the British investment firm Lion Capital LLP since 2007.


The ultimate home store and not one you will easily escape from without at least a few things in your trolley. You will probably spend a lot of money at the Ikea, we suggest getting an IKEA FAMILY CARD immediately before you start shopping as this gives you access to a lot of discounts and free coffee! You can apply for it at the customer...


Do It Yourself (DIY)


GAMMA is the number one do-it-yourself store in the Netherlands and Belgium. At the moment there are 166 GAMMA stores in the Netherlands and 86 in Belgium. It's very similar to Builders Warehouse.


Hornbach is a German DIY-store chain offering home improvement and do-it-yourself goods. Until March 2014, it was 21% owned by Kingfisher plc, a UK company, who also own the B&Q and Castorama DIY chains it's very similar to Builders Warehouse.


The company started in 1978 in Venlo and as of 2009 it has 136 stores spread over the Netherlands of which 26 have an extended assortment, the so called "Megastores". Praxis employs about 5000 people. Very similar to Builders Warehouse.




Action is an international discount store-chain. It sells low budget, non-food and some food products. Action operates stores in seven countries — the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Poland. It's like a five rand store, all kids of odds and ends for the house.

De Bijenkorf

The Bijenkorf is the most inspiring, surprising and creative department store where everyone is special. It's probably one of the most famous Warehouses in the Netherlands, founded in 1870.


Makro is an international brand of Warehouse clubs, also called cash and carries. Ownership of the worldwide chain of stores is split between two companies: Metro AG in Europe and SHV Holdings in Latin America. And yup, the very same one. Fixx iT does have a floating Makro card available for employees to use, all you need do is ask for it.

Fashion stores


C&A is an international chain of fashion retail clothing stores, with European head offices in Vilvoorde, Belgium, and Düsseldorf, Germany. It has retail stores in many European countries.




bol.com is the leading webshop in the Netherlands for books, toys and electronics. According to research published in 2015 it is the strongest retail brand with the highest expected growth in the Netherlands. It is owned by Ahold Delhaize, as the well-known supermarket brand Albert Heijn.


Marktplaats is a classified advertising site based in the Netherlands, started in 1999. The word means market square in Dutch. It was acquired by eBay on November 10, 2004. Here you can sell and buy second-handed goods (from cars to furniture). But be aware of online piracy. Anyway, it's by far the largest online trading platform in the...


Zalando SE is a German electronic commerce company seated in Berlin. The company maintains a cross-platform online store that sells shoes, clothing and other fashion items. It's probably the largest online retailer in the Netherlands.

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