Our Core Values

We strive to become a global network of people that provide IT knowledge, anywhere on the planet. We believe globalisation offers opportunities. We connect highly skilled migrants in the IT sector to European companies. Our core business in one word: international matching. With business partners in the Netherlands and South Africa, we build a bridge between two continents. We provide specialist IT knowledge to our clients and personal growth and well-being to our employees. Some of our most important values internally and externally towards our clients are:


By investing in the best talent in the market, we believe that we can supply our clients with affordable excellence and that we take accountability for the guidance we give to our clients. This means that you as our co-worker takes ownership and responsibility for all your actions.


We shape ourselves to the client through technology, methodology and by having no preconceived ideas when initiating a project. Internally, this is also true. We want no red-tape to restrict creativity.

Relationship and a Personal Approach

Building personal relationships with our clients and co-workers and listening to their needs, we ensure open communication and transparency at all times.

Integrity, Discretion and Confidentiality

We would like to always foster a relationship with our employees based on a personal approach where open communication is always valued the highest. Where communication is always done with integrity, discretion and confidentiality. We expect our employees to maintain the same values and we are always open for feedback should this not be the case and to take it in our strides.


We believe in people, knowledge, personal growth and craftsmanship:

  • People: people are the foundations of every society. Be who you are, you are welcome.

  • Knowledge: The Netherlands is known as an innovative and knowledgeable economy. People are the core of Entelect Netherlands, including their knowledge.

  • Personal Growth: To get the most out of employees personal growth is essential.

  • Craftmanship: personal growth and specialisation lead to craftsmanship and quality.

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