Medical care

Doctors / Dentists / Other Specialists – in order to visit a medical practitioner you will need to register with them first and once done, make an appointment, which will probably not be on the same day. Specialists are arranged by referral only. Your basic insurance covers all doctor’s visits. is the official healthcare reference site in the Netherlands. Doctors are opposed to simply prescribing medication and antibiotics are hard to come by.  The common cold and flu are treated with 2 main ingredients: Paracetamol and Vitamin C. 

Homoeopathy is very common and preferred, so we do suggest that if you are on chronic medication that you obtain a full history and medication list from your GP, as well as any supporting evidence such as blood test results or x-rays.

By law, you have to get basic medical insurance (basis ziektekosteverzekering). A comparison website you can look at: The insurance you choose has to cover you for admittance to a sanatorium or psychiatric institution. Most have it included but just double-check. Please be aware that your medical aid will be backdated to the day you arrived in the Netherlands and that includes the costs as well.  Recently we learned that for knowledge migrants they are only supposed to backdate it to the date when your contract starts but the insurance companies are not always aware of this rule.

Dutch health care system explained

Short explanation about the health care system for international students or expats.

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