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Expat Checklist

Documents you'll need when applying for your visa and will need to bring with you to the Netherlands:

  • Valid Passport

  • Set of Passport photos for use in the Netherlands

  • Unabridged Birth Certificate & Apostille

  • Unabridged Marriage Certificate & Apostille (if applicable). With an unmarried partner, relationship status as 'single' document with Apostille

  • South African Driver’s License - Check the expiry date of your Driver’s License, as you are presently not able to get a new one once you are in the Netherland

  • Medical Records – copies of tests done and a letter from your doctor regarding any medication you require / medical conditions

  • School records (if bringing your children over) – for the last 2 years.

Expat info about the Netherlands

When you have arrived in the Netherlands you should arrange the following:

  • Fetch your Dutch residence permit (VVR) at the IND.

  • Register with your local municipality, where they will also apply for your BSN number.

  • Apply for a Digi-D.

  • Apply for Kindertoeslag (if applicable)

  • Open a bank account.

  • Research, view and finalise rental accommodation – we will also assist with these appointments

  • and with your rental agreement etc.

  • Apply for medical insurance.

  • Apply to exchange your SA drivers licence.

  • Attend interviews with prospective clients (if applicable).

  • Begin Dutch language lessons.

  • Go for TB screening (within the first 3 months).

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