Housing in the Netherlands

There are generally 3 different types of houses for rent:

  • Gestoffeered – basic furnishings such as a stove, kitchen cupboards, light fittings, flooring, blinds etc. – there may be one or two pieces of furniture left by the owner, but this isn’t guaranteed

  • Kaal – no flooring, light fittings, wall paper / paint, stove, fridge

  • Gemeubileerd – fully furnished


Average monthly costs

Depending on what you choose, your rent can be anywhere from €750.00 to €1,300.00 per month; and upwards, depending on the type, area and size of the house.  Houses further away from city centres are generally less expensive. Check if the rental cost is inclusive or exclusive of water, gas, electricity and sometimes internet. If the cost is exclusive, you will need to register in your personal capacity with water and gas companies.

Rental deposit

A rental deposit will most likely be required and the amount seems to vary from 1 month to 3 months.  There may also be an estate agent fee – depending on the agency.  Please make sure that you have access to enough “start-up” cash as finding a place to rent will be one of the more expensive items in the beginning. We recommend in the region of €4,000.00 to €6,000.00 – depending on your own situation and choice – e.g. you may need to buy furniture from scratch etc. Some SA’ffers have used traditional travellers cheques, while others have used a Visa / Mastercard Travel Card.

Recommended cities

Amsterdam and Den Haag are big and buzzing cities, however, most of the SA crowd of Fixx iT live within the Utrecht Province – Houten, Nieuwegein, Woerden, Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, Maarn and Doorn. Utrecht central is a university city with a great vibe and lots of restaurants and shops. It is suggested that you begin house hunting within a 20km radius of Utrecht itself. This is because it is quite central to most of the areas that you may be working in.

Good to know

“Per direct beschikbaar” means available immediately.

If you are relocating your pet(s), it will be important to find out upfront whether the owner will allows pets or not.

Examples of rental budgets

Colleague 1 - House with 4 bedrooms and a small garden. €1000.00 per month rental, gestoffeerde house but exclusive of water, gas, electricity and internet. Water = €30 per quarter, gas/electricity is billed together = €130 per month, internet+tv €43 per month uncapped and x MB line. 

Colleague 2 - House with 3 bedrooms. €1125 per month inclusive but without internet. 

Colleague 3 - 4 bedrooms, fully furnished = €1500 per month, all-in.  

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