The Netherlands has a lot of Road Signs, not known by South Africans. For a complete overview, please download the Road Traffic Signs report of the Rijksoverheid.

Common Road Signs

White and red board means No Access:

If you see this sign below, do NOT attempt to drive through it. Even though it is blue and not red and white, you will damage the car driving through it.

As per the picture below, you will most likely see the warning sign for ‘bussluis’ in combination with a no access bord. “Uitgezonderd” means that this rule does not apply to busses, bicycles or scooters. See example below:

 In the example below, the combination of these boards below mean: watch out for ‘bussluis’, no entry for cars and bicycles. Farming vehicles are allowed. 

There is a parking sign that isn't mentioned much, it is this one:

In the example below on the left, it means that you are not allowed to park in that ZONE (area). At the end of the ZONE, you will see the second board below. Any board with these lines means it is the end of whatever was the previous instruction doesn’t apply anymore. 

And don't forget this one:

Usually accompanies with blue lines painted on the road. In that ZONE you are allowed to park for a maximum of 2 hours. Don’t forget to indicate your arrival time by making use of the ‘parkeerschijf’ (see below).

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