This article explains how you can exchange a South African driver's licence for a Dutch driver's license. This is only applicable to people (mainly Knowledge Migrant Visa holders) who have been granted the 30% ruling

One of the benefits of the 30% ruling is that you (and your partner) are allowed to exchange your S.A. driver’s licence for a Dutch licence. For the first 185 days, you are allowed to drive with your South African driver's licence. But in this period you need to apply for the Dutch drivers. Once you have received confirmation of approval for the 30% ruling, you have your VVR (verblijfsvergunning), a bank account and a Digi-D, then you can exchange your S.A. licence for a Dutch licence.

The process for exchanging your driver’s licence explained in 2 steps:

Step 1: Purchase a health questionnaire called an “Eigen verklaring” provided by the CBR. 

With your Digi-D, purchase this form online from the CBR website:

From the menu, select “Eigen verklaring” and select the type "Buitenlands rijbewijs inwisselen" (see figure below):


Go through the wizard to answer the health questions. In the end, you will be requested to pay with iDeal. This costs EUR38 at present.  Should you answer 'No' to any of the questions, you will have to visit a doctor first.  A few days later, you will receive a letter in the post to confirm that you have been cleared. Once you have received this letter, you can schedule your appointment at the Gemeente.

Step 2: Make an appointment at your Gemeente to exchange your license. "Buitenlands rijbewijs inwisselen".

Take the following with you: 

  • CBR letter (Eigen verklaring)

  • Letter from the Belastingdienst confirming that you have been granted the 30% ruling.

  • Your SA driver’s license

  • One passport photo

  • Passport (proof of identity)

  • Money. This amount varies per Gemeente

Keep a copy of the old licence until the processing is complete, if they do not make a copy of your licence for you please ask them to do so. They will keep your SA driver’s licence and return it to the SA authorities. You will also receive a letter from the Gemeente as proof that you handed in your Driver’s Licence, please keep this safe. 

If all goes positive, one will get a letter from the RDW within 3 weeks stating that the driving licence application has been approved and that the licence can be collected from the Gemeente.

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