There are various processes and means of obtaining Dutch citizenship as a South African. For the purpose of this page, the information provided will describe how to obtain Dutch Citizenship as a knowledge migrant. The process that a knowledge migrant can follow to obtain Dutch citizenship is by means of Naturalisation or "Naturalisatie" in Dutch. 

Conditions to obtain Dutch citizenship

You must meet the following conditions:

  • You are 18 years or older.

  • You have lived in the Netherlands, uninterrupted, for 5 years with a valid residency permit. 

  • You have a valid residence permit immediately prior to the naturalization request. This is a residence permit for an indefinite period or for a certain time with a non-temporary purpose. The residence permit must still be valid at the time of the naturalization ceremony. *Do you have the nationality of an EU / EEA country or Switzerland already? You do not need a residence permit.

  • You are sufficiently established. This means that you can read, write, speak and understand Dutch. You demonstrate this with the integration certificate.

  • You have not served a prison sentence in the Netherlands or abroad for the past 4 years, have performed a learning or community service or have been paid a high fine for a crime. There is no criminal case open to you for a crime. With a high fine, this involves an amount of € 810 or higher. You may also not have received multiple fines of € 405 or higher in the past 4 years, with a total amount of € 1,215 or higher.

  • You must renounce your current nationality. There are a few exceptions to this rule.

  • You must make the declaration of solidarity. See under Steps in the application process 'The naturalization ceremony'

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