Official Issues

Documents needed to apply for knowledge migrant visa

  • Passports for every member of the family

  • Unabridged Birth Certificates for every member of the family legalised with an Apostille

  • If married: Unabridged Marriage Certificate, with an Apostille

  • If unmarried and you want your partner to join: marital status document for both you and your partner stating that both your marriage statuses at the South African home affairs are listed as SINGLE

Summary of admin to do upon arrival in the Netherlands

You probably already had a massive amount of admin to wrap up before your relocation to the Netherlands. Within that spirit, here is a list of  the most important processes that you have to do within your first six months in the Netherlands (detailed descriptions to be found further on this website):

  • Fetch your Dutch residence permit (VVR) at the IND.

  • Register with your local municipality, where they will also apply for your BSN number.

  • Apply for a Digi-D.

  • Apply for Kindertoeslag (if applicable).

  • Open a bank account.

  • Research, view and finalise rental accommodation.

  • Apply for medical insurance.

  • Apply to exchange your SA drivers licence (within the first 6 months). 

  • Attend interviews with prospective clients (if applicable).

  • Begin Dutch language lessons.

  • Go for TB screening (within the first 3 months).

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