Terminology about daycare

Once in the Netherlands, you'll notice some frequently used terminology.


‘Kinderopvang’ is the collective term for the different forms of childcare when the child is not at home nor at school. Examples of ‘kinderopvang’ are ‘gastouderopvang’ and ‘kinderdagverlijf’ (crèche) or afterschool childcare.


This is the Dutch word for a crèche. This is where babies and toddlers have looked after. It can be for half a day or for full days. 


A ‘gastouder’ or ‘onthaalouder’ is somebody who takes care of children in their home. The children eat and sleep at the ‘gastouder’ and when they go to school this person will take them and fetch them. 
The most Dutch ‘gastouders’ are registered with a childcare organisation in their area. Because they are registered, you can apply for an allowance from the tax office to cover some of the costs. 

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