Entelect Netherlands

Buddy Program

Providing a workplace buddy ensures that you have someone to talk to, which is important in the first nerve-wracking weeks (or even months) of a new job and especially when you’ve made the big step of moving to the Netherlands! The main purpose of our Buddy Program is unstructured knowledge share in terms of workplace and Dutch systems, processes, and culture. This, in turn, will help you settle faster into your new role, The Netherlands and maintain a confident attitude.

Your buddy is someone who partners with you during your first six to nine months of employment at Entelect Netherlands. He or she provides insight into the day-to-day activities of our company. 

Buddy Responsibilities

Our buddies have the skills and knowledge to perform the following types of tasks:

  • Teaching/or tutoring, such as explaining unfamiliar tasks.

  • Explaining how to use office equipment, obtain office supplies, make travel arrangements, etc.

  • Socializing the new employee on the company's guidelines, norms, culture, and unwritten guidelines.

  • Sharing insights on how things are done in the organization/country.

  • Involving the new employee in social or informal activities, such as lunch, coffee breaks, and such.

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