Banking in the Netherlands

There are 3 main banking institutions in the Netherlands: ABN Amro, ING Group, Rabobank. To open a bank account, you need your passport, VVR and a BSN number. ING is currently the only bank where you can walk into the bank and open an account on the spot. At ABN Amro and Rabobank you have to make an appointment first. 

Until you are able to open a Dutch bank account, you should have no problem obtaining cash from an overseas account using an ATM (geldautomaat). They dispense money (in several languages) and accept a wide range of debit and credit cards. 

Credit Cards:  Commercial banks usually have an arrangement with Mastercard or VISA but you will generally need to be a customer for a while before getting one or have at least one salary paid into your account. A credit card will be more expensive than other bank cards and you will be encouraged to pay off the card swiftly and consistently. Important to note that at most supermarkets, credit cards are not accepted. 

Internet Banking:  Online banking is common in the Netherlands. Depending on the bank, you might be issued with a calculator-sized device into which you slot your card and enter your PIN and then you exchange numbers with the login system to gain authorised access to your account.  We advise opening an ING account as you can receive the one-time-pin on your mobile phone. iDeal is also a popular payment method online and deducts the payment directly from your debit account. You can pay bills directly or set up direct debits (automatische overschrijving/acceptgiro) for regular payments. 

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