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Start your tech career in the Netherlands

Work abroad as a software developer in the Netherlands. Entelect Netherlands travels to South Africa three to four times a year to conduct one-on-one interviews with 25-30 highly skilled developers. Are you a Java Developer, Data Scientist, Front-end developer or Business Intelligence Specialist? Every year we offer the top qualified software developers from South Africa the opportunity to start their tech career in the Netherlands. Apply today and become part of the largest Dutch-based South African IT Consulting companies.

What to know about living in the Netherlands

Docs you'll need

From applying for your visa, registering at a Gemeente, exchanging your diver's licence and more!

Home sweet home

Advice on where to look and what to consider when buying a house.

The next Gen

Helpful tips and things you need to know if you're coming to the Netherlands with your family.

Whole new world

Everything you'll need to know about building a network of friends at and beyond the office.

Anything else

A couple more tips that will help you to immigrate or adapt here in the Netherlands.

Personal Stories Blog

Personal experiences of developers working and living in the Netherlands.

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